Can we bring our pets?

Maybe. Please talk to us.

How far are we from ...?

Kowhai Glen is situated east of Warkworth. It has easy access from Auckland and Northland. Distances quoted are from MKowhai Glen, times are by car.

Auckland Central, 63 KM, 50 minutes
Auckland Airport, 82 KM, 75 minutes
Warkworth, 5 KM, 7 minutes
Sandspit, 5 KM, 7 minutes
Snells Beach, 6 KM, 8 minutes
Whangarei, 105 KM, 90 minutes
Orewa, 32 KM, 30 minutes
Rotorua, 290 KM, 225 minutes
Tauranga, 265 KM, 210 minutes
Matakana, 9 KM, 10 minutes

How close are we to resturants and other shops?

There are many resturants, cafes and other shops in Warkworth, Matakana and Snells Beach, all within 10 minutes drive.